Syncing Offline Gmail

by Login Team on 4 April, 2013 sign up, Gmail sign in and login help blog. Article about different options to sync offline Gmail with multiple settings.

When you are using Gmail Offline, all conversations in Starred and Drafts regardless of age are synced, but we never sync the Trash and Spam labels. Here is how to change the amount of mail that is synced:

  1. Open the Offline Google Mail app, and click gear icon in the upper right corner.
  2. In the “Download mail from the past” drop down menu, select on week, two weeks, or a month.
  3. Click Apply at the bottom of the page.

Syncing Offline Gmail

Gmail will begin downloading what it thinks are the most important mails to you. At any rate, Gears will download about 10000 of your latest emails, not counting the Trash and Spam folder so this should be enough for moth of us. Depending on the speed of your link, this actual process of downloading and syncing emails might take a while. Gears will also offer to shortcut for Gmail on the Desktop. With this shortcut, you can login Gmail in offline mode right from your desktop. The offline Gmail feature also includes a very cool Flaky Connection Mode. In this mode, you can continue using Gmail as you normally would and Gmail will automatically determine if you are online or offline, without the user ever knowing about it.

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