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by Login Team on 22 February, 2013

Google Voice lets you manage all your phone communications and seamlessly make and receive calls on any of your existing phones. Google Voice is a free Internet service that uses VoIP technology to link phone numbers together. You can now use voice and video capabilities in your Google Chat properties. From within these services, you can have an actual conversation with someone, or even chat face to face over video. Here is what you will need to get started in :

  • Download the voice and video chat plug-in, quit all open browser windows, and install the plug- in.
  • Sign in to Gmail, Google+, iGoogle, Orkut, or your Chrome OS device.

use voice in gmail

If your friend doesn’t have a camera next to their name in your chat list, you can invite them to download the voice and video chat plug in from the Video and more menu in a chat window.
You can use Gmail to receive or place Google voice calls.

  • To get started, check the box next to Google chat in your list of forwarding phones and the next time someone calls your Google Voice number, Gmail will notify you of an incoming call. You can take the call or even listen in as the caller leaves a message, in a single step right from your computer.
  • To make a call, just click the Call phone link in Gmail and enter any number or name from your address book.

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