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by Login Team on 10 February, 2013

Using Gmail, is simple, but Gmail is also powerful. Once you have used Gmail for a while, hunting down a particular email can be difficult, you know what you are looking for, but finding it is difficult. Labels and stars can sometimes do the trick, other times, you need something a little more, well, advanced. Gmail’s advanced search options help you to use your Gmail easy. Here are some of the tips to make your search easy.

find anything

  • From: OR to: You can use these shortcuts to direct mails to where they are going to or to know where they are from.
  • OR: This option will allow you to search for messages that will include two or more criteria.
  • In: anywhere: This option will search for mails everywhere in your Gmail account. This will done on all mails store in the spam and also trash.
  • Is: chat: This option will allow you to look for a sent chat in your chat records.
  • After: OR before: This search down your search and your search will be defined in certain days. This only works on using the following format yyyy/mm/dd.
  • Has: attachment: This option will allow you to search for emails that have attachments.
  • Circle: This allows your search down to a particular circle in your Google+ account.
  • Hypen (-): A hyphen is used to exclude a specific term from your search.

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