Gmail Notifier

by Login Team on 17 April, 2013

The Gmail Notifier is an application for Windows and Mac that notifies you about new messages and chats. Login must be done before Gmail Notifier works.

Gmail Notifier is a nifty, small application that can save you time while surfing the Internet. After a quick installation, Gmail Notifier alerts you when new email messages arrive in your inbox and make replying to them a snap. The Gmail Notifier is a downloadable application that alerts you whenever you have new Gmail messages. Google Gmail Notifier is a software program developed by Google Inc. During setup, the program creates a startup registration point in Windows in order to automatically start when the user boots their PC. The programs main executable is gnotify.exe and has been seem to consume and average CPU of less than one percent and utilizes about 5.95 MB of memory.

Gmail Notifier

  1. Download Gmail Notifier from within your Gmail account.
  2. Sign in with your email address, click the “Help” link, type in “Notifier” and click on the download link included in the result “About Gmail Notifier”.
  3. If you are prompted for a choice, select “Save” so that the file will be saved on your computer.
  4. Install Gmail Notifier on your Computer. “Click on Gmail Installer”.
  5. Find the Gmail email icon on your system tray.
  6. Click on the icon to set preferences. You can make Gmail your default email program, choose notifying mail sounds and specify that you would like Gmail Notifier to check for new mail every two minutes.
  7. Be notified when new email messages arrive by hearing the sound or checking the icon.
  8. You may view the number of unread messages, read snippets of 30 emails and compose replies with Gmail Notifier.

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